June 29, 2017

How Can Investment Managers Make Money in a Lower For longer Environment?

Jake Moeller

Recorded on: June 29, 2017

In early June, Jake Moeller considered idea generation in the current low yield environment with a panel of Kames Capital’s investment managers.

The panel included:

  • Stephen Jones, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed equity, Multi-Asset and Property
  • Philip Haworth, Deputy Head of Equities,
  • Phil Milburn, Head of Investment strategy, Fixed Income
  • David Wise, Property Investment Director

Jake and the panel discussed:

  • Challenges in the current macro environment and how geopolitical events are effecting investments
  • Where value can be found in equities and what investors should avoid
  • The outlook for UK commercial property post Brexit
  • How Fixed Income investing has developed and how to cherry pick good investments
  • What is reasonable for an investor to expect in terms of yield
  • The growth in passive investments and how active investors are reacting to this
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