Investors Flock to Taxable Bond Mutual Funds During First Half 2017 Taxable bond mutual funds have taken in $97.4 billion of net new money for year to date 2017. This outdistances by far the fund-flow results for ... Find Out More
U.S. Fund-Flows Weekly Report: Funds Suffer Worst Weekly Net Outflows of the Year So Far Thomson Reuters Lipper’s fund macro-groups (including both mutual funds and ETFs) had negative flows of almost $20.8 billion for the fund-flows ... Find Out More
Bad ROIC Drives Bad Valuation Return on invested capital (ROIC) is not only the most intuitive measure of corporate performance, but it is also the best. It measures the amount of ... Find Out More
News in Charts: Euro area Economic Sentiment Indicator round-up Economic sentiment across the world is on the up, with survey and hard economic data continuing to diverge, not only in the US, but across the euro ... Find Out More
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