May 10, 2018

US Consumer Sentiment Reaches New High Despite Lower Job Security Measures

by Jharonne Martis.

“Last month was the second month in a row that saw fewer jobs added than the monthly average over the past year. Economists have been predicting a slow in the pace of hiring, and perhaps this is a reflection of saturation in the labor market.” reported Chris Jackson, VP at survey research firm Ipsos. “With the potential for a renewed embargo from the exit of the US from the Iranian JCPA, and the continued saber rattling about trade wars, these indices will be important to track over the next few months. Until the situation becomes more settled, interested firms may be hesitant to make impactful decisions, which could exacerbate the slowed hiring pace we’ve seen over the last two months.”

Jharonne Martis, Director of Consumer Research at Thomson Reuters, said, “Consumer confidence measured by Thomson Reuters saw a slight increase from last month. Accordingly, analysts polled by Thomson Reuters are also optimistic and have been raising their earnings estimates. As a result, the outlook for the Thomson Reuters Retail and Restaurant Earnings Index is expected to see double digit growth for the next two quarters.”

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