July 7, 2017

Bond Funds Post Gains for the Second Consecutive Quarter

by Patrick Keon.


Second Quarter Highlights

  • World Income Funds (+2.17%) outperformed all other macro-groups, paced by Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt Funds (+2.83%).
  • General Domestic Taxable Fixed Income Funds gained 1.41% as riskier assets benefitted from narrowing credit spreads.
  • Municipal debt funds returned 1.63% on average as single-state muni debt funds (+1.64%) slightly outperformed the national muni debt fund group (+1.61%).
  • Investment-grade corporate debt funds appreciated 1.27% as long-term funds continued to outperform short-term funds.
  • Government/Treasury funds returned 0.30%, down from 0.81%, as the Inflation-Protected Bond Funds classification posted a loss of 0.47% for Q2.

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