May 16, 2017

For April Conventional Funds Suffer the Largest Net Redemptions Since December 2016

by Tom Roseen

  • For the second consecutive month mutual fund investors were net sellers of fund assets, withdrawing a net $31.8 billion from the conventional funds business. Fixed income funds (+$20.4 billion) witnessed the only net inflows for April. For the thirteenth month in 14 investors were net redeemers of stock & mixed-asset funds (-$28.9 billion), and for the fourth month running they were net sellers of money market funds, withdrawing $23.3 billion.
  • For the twenty-seventh consecutive month Thomson Reuters Lipper’s U.S. Diversified Equity (USDE) Funds macro-classification witnessed net redemptions, handing back $34.5 billion for April.
  • For the fifteenth consecutive month authorized participants (APs) were net purchasers of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), injecting $35.0 billion for April. APs injected a net $24.0 billion into stock & mixed-asset ETFs and were net purchasers of bond ETFs, injecting a net $11.0 billion.
  •  Perhaps because yields declined at the long end of the curve, APs padded the coffers of General U.S. Treasury ETFs (+$1.8 billion net) and High Yield ETFs (+$1.4 billion net).

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