January 6, 2017

Fixed Income Funds Post Negative Fourth Quarter Results

by Patrick Keon

Businessman using graphs on screen --- Image by © Monty Rakusen/cultura/Corbis

  • The surprise presidential election results as well as the highly anticipated (and finally realized) interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve combined to weigh down the performance of Thomson Reuters Lipper’s fixed income peer groups, as taxable bond funds retreated 0.98% on average while tax-exempt funds lost 3.43 % for the quarter.
  • The hardest hit fund macro-groups this quarter were Municipal Debt Funds (-3.43%), World Income Funds (-2.46%) and Short/Intermediate Investment Grade Corporate Debt Funds (-1.72%).
  • Loan Participation Funds (+2.03%) and High Yield Funds (+1.63%) both benefited from the rising interest rate environment while bank loan funds are also poised to take strength from Trump’s campaign promise of less regulation.

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