April 23, 2018

Fund Manager Chat: Multi-Asset Strategy – Tony Finding, Fund Manager, M&G Episode Allocation Fund

by Jake Moeller.

In this podcast, Tony Finding, co-manager of the M&G Episode Allocation Fund outlines his fund’s philosophy, positioning and discusses the benefits of a diversified portfolio in a complex “late-cycle” environment.

He outlines his comparatively high level of equities exposure, areas of the market he is avoiding, and explains why he is holding 20% cash in his portfolio.

He shares his views on the current macroeconomic environment, outlines how he has responded to the recent bouts of volatility in Q1 2018, and examines the potential “perfect storm” environment for multi-asset investors.

Running Order

Run Time Topic
00:20 What is the objective of your fund? Why should investors consider it?
01:20 Discuss the high level of equities exposure within the portfolio.
02:20 What areas are you investing in within equities?
03:30 How has your fund performed during the recent bout of volatility?
04:30 Outline your bond exposure.
06:00 Justify your 20% cash holding.
07:30 What areas of the market are you actively avoiding?
08:30 What is you view of this late-cycle environment?
10:00 What are the potential market headwinds that concern you the most?


Mr. Finding is chatting with Jake Moeller, Head of Lipper UK and Ireland Research, at Thomson Reuters in London, on April 17, 2018.

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About Tony Finding

Tony Finding, M&G Investments. Photo with permission.

Tony Joined M&G in 1997 as an economist and is a member of the M&G Multi- Asset team.

In January 2011, Tony was appointed co-manager of the M&G Dynamic Allocation Fund and the M&G Episode Allocation Fund

He holds a BSc in economics from the London School of Economics and he is a CFA charterholder.


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