U.S. Weekly FundFlows Insight Report: Funds Attract New Money for the Week on Increased Optimism With the first round of the French presidential elections completed during the fund-flows week ended April 26, 2017, investors crossed off another ... Find Out More
Fund Investors Still Prefer Nondomestic Equity Funds Over Their Domestic Counterparts Despite increased concerns of isolationism (protectionist rhetoric from the U.S., the Brexit vote, and the recent French elections), saber rattling ... Find Out More
The Week in Earnings | Apr. 28, 2017 The Manhattan skyline is seen behind weeds and flowers on Roosevelt Island in New York June 4, 2013. World Environment Day is celebrated annually on ... Find Out More
Active Funds, Scorecards and the Negative Narrative The S&P Dow Jones SPIVA Scorecards are out again. Bunker down the active fund groups, and brace yourselves for the rush of opprobrium you will ... Find Out More
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