The Month in Closed-End Funds: November 2016 For the eighth month in nine equity closed-end funds (CEFs) witnessed a plus-side return on average, rising 0.29% on a net-asset-value (NAV) ... Find Out More
Bank Clean-Up Opportunity Is Italy’s To Waste Back in purgatory Cleaning up Italy’s banks is an opportunity ripe for the wasting. The failed referendum on Senate reform on Dec. 4 need not ... Find Out More
The Market Sentimentalist: Political Economy Redux Once upon a time it used to be enough for investors to spend the majority of their time pondering economic trends in order to anticipate the future ... Find Out More
The Beginning of the Great Rotation Out of Bond Funds? Is this the beginning of the great rotation out of fixed income funds? Despite a plus-side return (+0.17%) for the fund-flows week ended Wednesday, ... Find Out More
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