FX Market Voice: To Hike or Not to Hike? That is the thorny question that the Fed is grappling with on Wednesday 21 September. While there is clearly the possibility of a rate hike, we think ... Find Out More
STOXX 600 Earnings Outlook European Aggregate Estimates and Revisions Second quarter earnings are expected to decline 14.2% from Q2 2015. Excluding the Energy ... Find Out More
The Fix Is In In last week’s post we outlined why the BoJ was the world’s most important central bank – in fact we used this very phrase as the title. As ... Find Out More
The Changing European Fund Distribution Landscape: Podcast – Philip Kalus, Accelerando Associates Philip Kalus, Managing Partner of Accelerando Associates talks with Jake Moeller, Head of Lipper UK & Ireland Research at Thomson Reuters on ... Find Out More
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