Fund Investors Duck for Cover in July, but APs Continue to Seek Risk For the fourth month in a row mutual fund investors were net sellers of fund assets in July, redeeming $1.9 billion from the conventional funds ... Find Out More
Chart of the Week: Statisticians who live in glass houses … Earlier this month it was reported that a delegation of EU statisticians is due to visit Dublin to run a fine-tooth comb through Ireland's latest set ... Find Out More
Monday Morning Memo: Review of the European Fund Market, Second Quarter 2016 The chart below breaks down the European fund market by asset class as of the end of Q2 2016. Equity funds dominated the scene with a market share of ... Find Out More
Bank-Loan Funds Gain Momentum Ahead of Fed Retreat Investors were gearing up for interest rate hikes between January 2012 and March 2014, padding the coffers of loan participation funds (also known as ... Find Out More
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