The State of Asset Management: A Focus on Asset Management Firms Investor view: On average, the top 50 fund-manager stocks (by market cap) have fallen 2.1% since the start of the year. This compares to the S&P ... Find Out More
STOXX 600 Earnings Outlook European Aggregate Estimates and Revisions Third quarter earnings are expected to decline 12.9% from Q3 2015. Excluding the Energy ... Find Out More
Goldman-Led Charge on Returns Maths Falls Short A Goldman Sachs-led fight on bank returns will be hard to win. Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein considers it “a little bit odd” the industry’s ... Find Out More
Risk: Dealing With Known-Unknowns As any parent will confirm, teenagers know one thing. Unfortunately, it is “every”-thing. The rest of the population, by contrast, recognizes and ... Find Out More
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