Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards 2016–A Glamorous Evening in Zurich On February 2 approximately 200 participants from the Swiss and international fund industries celebrated the twenty-seventh annual Lipper Fund Awards ... Find Out More
S&P 500 Earnings Dashboard | Feb 9th 2016 Update of the Thomson Reuters S&P 500 Earnings Today report including the Q4 2015 Earnings Dashboard and Q1 2016 overview and guidance. Click ... Find Out More
StarMine’s Negative Predicted Surprises – Asia At the beginning of each earnings season, the StarMine team at Thomson Reuters quantitatively analyzes the earnings estimates accuracy of sell-side ... Find Out More
Chart Of The Week: Fathom’s CMI Falls To 2.3% As our regular readers will know, we have long been skeptical about the accuracy of China’s official GDP data. Below, we present our latest measure ... Find Out More
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