April Retail Sales Seen Benefiting from Easy Comparisons The Thomson Reuters Same Store Sales Index is expected to show 1.4% growth for April 2016. It’s not much of a gain, but quite a bit stronger than ... Find Out More
Mein Geld TV Roundtable Value Investing Dr. Christoph Bruns (Loys AG), Dr. Hendrick Leber (Acatis), Frank Lingohr (Lingohr und Partner), Gunnar Knierim (AB) und Detlef Glow (Thomson Reuters ... Find Out More
The Trade – TradeCast Episode 12 – Best execution special with Chris Hollands of Thomson Reuters In Episode 12 of the TradeCast, the editorial team of The Trade catches up with Chris Hollands of Thomson Reuters to talk about best execution issues ... Find Out More
Chart of the Week: Damned if they do, and damned if they don’t It has been a frustrating start to the year for Governor Kuroda and his colleagues, for it would seem that they can do no right. Back in January, the ... Find Out More
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