Analyzing This Week’s Retail Reports This week’s retail quarterly reports indicate continued weakness in the sector, with one or two bright spots: Tuesday, May ... Find Out More
Chart of the Week: Introducing Fathom’s Macroeconomic Policy Indicator – the FMPI Fathom’s Macroeconomic Policy Indicator (FMPI) weights together both fiscal and monetary policy to give an overall measure of the degree of ... Find Out More
Ho-Hum Week for Flows Activity Equity markets were fairly flat for the fund-flows week ended Wednesday, May 18. The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished the week down 185 points ... Find Out More
Global Economic and Markets Outlook Q2 Webinar As monetary activism loses traction, fiscal policy takes center stage - will it make any difference? Erik Britton, Director of Fathom Consulting ... Find Out More
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