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September 11, 2017

Creating A Resilient Portfolio: Part Art, Part Science

by Thomson Reuters.

We hosted a CIO roundtable, where Asset Managers discussed the balance of art and science involved in creating resilient portfolios:

Our panel included:

Stuart Peskin, Investment Director, Standard Life Investments
Hank Smith, Chief Investment Officer, The Haverford Trust
U-Wen Kok, Chief Investment Officer, Victory RS Developed Markets Group
Maneesh Shanbhag, Co Founder, Head of Investments, Greenline Partners
Brian Reich, President and Managing Partner, Atrato Advisors
Pradeep Menon, Managing Partner, Thomson Reuters

Managing Risk

Managing risks in today’s investment world is part art, part science. But the science lays the ground work for the art that investment professionals bring to the equation. The science for investors isn’t just about big data, it’s about the right data, captured in the right way and a methodology that is efficient and consistent.

The art of creating a portfolio is defined by expertise. Who is creating risk scenarios and creating the models, which models are applicable where, what assumptions are being made and will all of this work for a particular client.

Our panel discussed a number of risks which affect portfolio, including geopolitical tension, the risk and volatility interchange and short term concerns.

Transparent Relationships

Risk management is nothing without transparency and effective communication that allows clients to determine their comfort level as risk related events take shape. As an investment professional there is no substitute for trust in the information that underpins your math, models and assumptions.

How can Thomson Reuters help Asset Managers?

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