January 18, 2017

Q4 Earnings Surprise Forecast: Which North American Companies May Beat or Miss?

by Katherine Massie

Tens of thousands of analysts have weighed in with their bets on the thousands of North American companies that will report Q4 earnings results in early 2017.

Of course, not all analysts are created equal and not all companies will report in line with consensus. We can help you better focus on where the action will be.

Thomson Reuters revealed 10 companies that may be likely to beat or miss earnings expectations utilizing Thomson Reuters StarMine Models and Analytics.

We also showed how Thomson Reuters Eikon can help you:

  • Anticipate other companies that might beat or miss the consensus forecast, helping you time entry and exit point
  • Identify which analysts have a superior track record of accurately forecasting earnings – those you should be paying the most attention to
  • Gain a deeper insight into future company financial performance for new idea generation
  • More easily track the Earnings Season as it unfolds

Watch the webinar replay, check out the slides and read the full articles:

  • StarMine Models Pick North American Companies for 16Q4 Earnings Beats
  • StarMine Models Pick North American Companies for 16Q4 Earnings Misses

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